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Like Kind Exchanges

Nikolaus & Hohenadel, LLP has a particular and recognized experience in the area of like kind exchanges of real estate. A like kind exchange permits an owner of investment or business real estate to sell that real estate and reinvest the proceeds in other business or investment real estate without paying tax on the gain realized in the sale. This is accomplished by assigning the sales contract to a qualified intermediary which collects the sale proceeds and then at the direction of the property owner reinvests the proceeds in the replacement real estate as selected by the property owner.

This is a technical area that should be entered into only by those with significant experience in like kind exchanges. Through its affiliated company, Lancaster Qualified Intermediary, Inc., the firm provides the services of a qualified intermediary to facilitate like kind exchanges of real estate and real estate interests. We welcome inquiries on this service from our clients and from other attorneys, accountants and real estate professionals to provide such service to their clients.

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